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What is fit & happy? Well, there's a deep and philosophical question! Haha! In the case of this blog, it's mostly a record of the fitness classes in London that I'm exploring, with a side of ramblings on nutrition and recipes and a healthy dose of other things in my life that are keeping me sane, balanced and happy.

It came about because earlier this year I was doing a lot of running. And I mean a LOT. I was training for a marathon. It took over my life. It was also the only time I've managed to stick to one form of fitness for more than a couple of months without getting bored. (Mainly I was terrified of not making it across the finish line so I made sure I got my little butt out there for every training session--fear, I've learned, is probably one of my most powerful, if not exactly fun/warm and fuzzy, motivators).

Anyway, after I finished the marathon, I definitely took my foot off the gas as far as running. I still love it but a) I didn't need to do it five days a week (or for crazy long distances) and b) my attention-deficit for any one kind of exercise came back. So now that I had time on my hands and no restrictions forcing me in any one fitness direction, what was I going to do?

Well, turns out that there are tonnes of options. Cross-fit, yoga, pilates, fitness raves, bootcamps, aerial hoops, spin classes... and I wanted to try all of them!

But more importantly, I like the idea of trying lots of different ones, sharing my experiences with others who may be interested (*waves* hi!) and also having a place where I can keep track of general wellness information and living a happy, healthy life -- something I'm passionate about doing both for myself and helping others to do.

So, here we are!

Hope you enjoy the journey with me. And if you have any suggestions you want me to check out, click on that grey box in the top right over there and let me know. I'm mostly based in London (UK).

And here's a picture of a Highland cow for you, just because I love them and find them hilariously adorable.

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practicing a fit & happy life



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practicing a fit & happy life
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I try to mix things up to keep life, health and fitness interesting and fun. I hope you'll enjoy reading about my adventures and maybe even get involved...

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