'Tis the season... for colds and flu

It's still early in the season but I've been hit twice in the past two weeks by different bugs.

Last week was a stomach bug that knocked me down for a couple of days and this week a full-blown head cold & cough has had me out of commission for four days.

No one likes being ill, but I'm seriously impatient when I get sick and it's really frustrating for me as I find it often happens just as I'm getting into a new routine or hitting my fitness stride.

I started a new job a couple of weeks ago so I was even being really proactive in getting more sleep, eating healthy, working out and generally looking after myself to avoid a cold, which has made this latest set-back even more annoying.

As far as dealing with it, the tried and tested remedies of sleep and liquids are my go-to's, plus seriously spicy food and lots of lemon and ginger. I'm always open to suggestions and love reading blogs on what works for others, though. I've heard wheatgrass is particularly good and that echinacea is good for prevention. Any thoughts on that? What gets you back on track as fast as possible when the lovely seasonal bugs hit?

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practicing a fit & happy life
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