Balancing out that 'festive' diet

Happy December 1st! It's officially the start of the Christmas / holiday season, whatever you happen to celebrate, and that means FOOD.

It's already been kicking off for me for a while and, despite being fairly on the ball with getting my workouts in, I've already been feeling the creep of extra-rich food and drinking into my routine.

I LOVE Christmas and holiday food, too, and any excuse to catch up with friends over a glass of wine (or brunch, lunch, snack... seriously, if it involves food and my friends, I'm IN). Which adds up to a lot of fairly unhealthy opportunities and feeling a little sluggish over the next month.

So this weekend I dedicated some time to tracking down some healthy recipes and sources, particularly for lunches as that's still one part of the day I feel I can really focus on balancing out any delicious chococlate, booze and other deliciousness... uh, I mean, 'bad food'.

One of my favourite ways to find new recipes these days is Pinterest. With the mouthwatering images it makes even the healthiest dish look appetizing (and nothing like my end result but it still convinces me to make new things).

I also like the Instagram feed Meal Prep Mondays. Again, lots of images and reader-submitted ideas that will get you inspired to get those healthy lunches made ahead of time.

A classic favourite of mine is Smitten Kitchen. This tends to be a little more in the way of comfort foods but she's got a cookbook, too, and it's easy to search her site by ingredient or meal.

But for this week's lunches, I'll be making the Thai Veggie Quinoa Bowls, pictured above, and an autumn Three Bean Salad.

Happy healthy eating! Wish me lucky on my quest to make more lunches and eat healthily (balanced, of course, with the occasional indulgence in holiday treats!).

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