Happy Holidayzzzzzs

It's Monday again and I've definitely got my mind set on using the week to get back on a healthy track. It was a bit of a heavy weekend of drinking and eating, with not as much sleep or exercise as I would have liked.

I know that not all the damage and lack of sleep can be fixed by being healthier during the week but, as it's only for the month of December that this party season tends to throw off my fitty/fatty balance, I try to cut myself a little slack.

Last week's goal of making healthy lunches was mostly successful. I did end up buying a couple of lunches but I stayed on the healthy salads and fruits/veggies so by the end of the week I was feeling pretty happy with how I'd done.

On the exercise side, I wasn't quite as on the ball. I'm guessing that a lot of you, like me, find it harder to get as much activity in this month and I think staying healthy in December is a lot about going easy on yourself if you miss that class or only manage to fit in a shorter run between all the cookies, eggnog and alcohol.

One of the most important elements for me to staying healthy (and not just around the holidays) is sleep. Sadly, I'm one of those people who really needs my eight hours a night. I so wish I could get by on a few hours and bound out of bed, like some people seem to, but when it comes to the crunch I know I'll always choose sleep above anything and I know I'll be doing myself a favour. Just ask my friends. My ability to nap is legendary on at least three continents.

Which leads me to this article that I read a while ago about sleep and room temperature. I've always preferred sleeping in a cooler room and never gave it much thought so I was pretty stoked to read the research that says sleeping in a cool room (in addition to saving on your heating bills now that the temps have dropped!) can help you burn more calories during the day, keep you looking younger and, if you're a nudey sleeper, it helps even more to keep your appetite in check and boost your mood.

So give it a try. The optimal is 15-19C. Sweet dreams! Zzzzzz...



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practicing a fit & happy life
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