What's more celebratory than... Hellweek?!

So apparently in a moment of holiday sugar-induced insanity I've signed myself up for something call 'Hell Week' at Barry's Bootcamp.

I've never been to Barry's. All I know is that any time someone I know goes there they hurt for days afterwards. This doesn't bode well for Hell Week which involves a daily class at Barry's for seven days straight.

It's a great offer (£80 for 7 days, vs the usual £90 for 5 classes)... but now that I'm off the Christmas sugar-high, I'm a little scared!

I'll keep you posted, though, as I'm pretty excited to kick-start my fitness into the New Year. Two of my goals for 2015 are to run a half marathon and to get a six-pack (or at least a four-pack) so hopefully this will put me on the road to success!

If anyone wants to join it starts tomorrow and you can book it here (under memberships).


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practicing a fit & happy life
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I try to mix things up to keep life, health and fitness interesting and fun. I hope you'll enjoy reading about my adventures and maybe even get involved...

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