Hellweek: Day One

Day one, I can safely say, was anything but hellish!

After a warm welcome from the girls at Barry's reception, it was easy to find a locker and the changerooms (all immaculate and with lovely soaps and towels provided, as well as hair dryers and straighteners) and, being early as I was, peruse the delicious looking list of health shakes and smoothies they have at the on-site cafe. I didn't take advantage but you can pre-order a shake for the end of your class so it'll be ready for you as you dash off to work or your evening plans. I might save that as a reward after tomorrow's class!

Barry's Bootcamp is all low-light and thumping beats -- but doesn't feel at all intimidating. Sandy, the trainer for my first class (Arms & Abs focus) was lovely and when I put up my hand as the only newbie, he made a point of checking on me at every major hurdle to ensure I was doing okay.

As mentioned yesterday, I was a little scared about how hardcore Barry's would be, but I shouldn't have been worried. As with lots of classes, you get out what you put in and the trainer also gives really clear instructions for what weights & speeds to do as beginner, intermediate and advanced bootcamp-ees. I did the beginner level on everything but I definitely felt it by the end with abs and arms that were killing me, although later in the day my arms were still functioning and not too shaky (always a bonus when you can lift your coffee to your lips and not spill it all over yourself due to muscle fatigue!).

WIthout a doubt, this has been one of my favourite new fitness formats. As someone who has a short attention span for most kinds of fitness, the fact that you alternate between floor and treadmill (or double-floor if you have an injury) every 10 minutes or so is perfect. I really loved this workout and it made the time fly by.

So, the fear is gone (although with tomorrow's focus on butt & legs I probably shouldn't get too cocky) and I'm so excited for the rest of the week. Bring it on, Barry's!


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