Hellweek Day Two: The Hell Begins

Day two today and this is what I'd been expecting of Barry's Bootcamp. It was HARD. I wouldn't quite say painful, but to be honest that's only because I'm saving that description as I'm pretty sure I'll need it more later in the week.

Today was butt & legs and I went in feeling great. I wasn't too sore from yesterday's session although there was a little bit of whingeing going on from my arms and abs, but I figured that wouldn't really impact the areas we would work today. My thoughts on the focus areas today was, obviously, 'Great! Who doesn't want a tight butt and killer gams?' and of course there must be a reason why some seriously famous butts supposedly call Barry's their favourite (i.e. Kim Kardashian). Well, let me say that while it may be a great end goal, the reality when you're alternating squats, lunges, burpees, climbers and planks with interval sprints on a treadmill, is that you have a recipe for thoughts like 'Holy shit this sucks and I better have the body of Demi Moore circa GI Jane AS SOON AS I LEAVE THIS GYM' (Spoiler: I didn't).

That said, because I'd expected the pain from Barry's I was kind of glad when Anya brought it because this is what I wanted from Hellweek. Something that would push me harder than I would push myself in the gym, ever. As trainers go, Anya is pretty hardcore, but I still enjoyed her style. I'm very glad I had Sandy to ease me into my first session but Anya is really what bootcamp is all about. She pushes you harder than you thought you could go.

Despite the intensity and not being sure I could (or wanted) to finish while I was actually doing the bootcamp, I came out feeling good (although very tomato-faced), glad that I'd done it and excited again about what the new levels of crazy intensity might be tomorrow. I also had every excuse to enjoy a delicious almond croissant afterwards. I'm pretty sure that's the perfect kind of dietary supplement for Barry's Bootcamp recovery.

(photo courtesy ABC News)

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