Day Three: To the Pain

Day three was a bit of a change-up. As I was feeling like my legs weren't functioning all that well, Barry's has an option to book a double-floor session, meaning instead of alternating between treadmill and bench, you just stay at the bench doing the strength training the whole time.

Sound easy? Wrong.

Thankfully I think I picked the right session to do this for (in some ways) as Anya put us through a Dirty Thirty -- 30 minutes on one station before swapping to 30 minutes on the other, meaning not only do you strength train for 30 minutes, you have to run for 30. I am SO happy I opted for the double floor! Although that didn't reduce the pain factor by much I think it made a difference for me.

The focus for the strength training was back, chest and abs, which is a weaker area for me as I don't spend much time working on back or chest. It also impacts a lot on shoulders and arms, which means that, having done an hour of swinging heavy weights around on top of the previous two days, my life would be much better if I could just mash the keyboard to type this out. Every little movement with my arms is killing me!

For the first half things were going fine and I completed all the reps of everything except side planking (expected -- I'm crap at that and am glad Barry's is making me work it!) and jack-knifing, which I hadn't done until today and requires a LOT of lower ab strength (mine = nonexistent). So I was happy and feeling good.

Take that, repeat it.

For the second thirty minutes my body was really not at all pleased with the situation I had put it in. Planks were a hilarious shaky mess, rows were still good but ab work was brutal and think I almost dropped a weight on my face trying to get the arms up for chest presses. Smoooooth.

Oh, and I should mention that halfway through I realised that I had a 1kg heavier weight on one side?! I'm such a moron sometimes. I'm just going to blame that one on the low lighting at Barry's, though how I didn't notice in the first half is totally beyond me.

Anyway, despite the lack of arm function, it was another great day at Barry's. Tomorrow is actually a rest day (Happy New Year!) as I have to work during the only times that Barry's is open, so I'll catch you all on Thursday.

Wishing you all a fit, healthy, happy 2015!

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