Day Four: Back in the Saddle

After a much-needed rest day due to work, I was back on the Barry's train today and it felt great (after I was done).

The session was intense again although admittedly I was still a little sore from Wednesday. Today I decided to start on the treadmill, which I think I actually prefer as the running intervals are a little easier when you haven't killed your legs already!

Our trainer, Taylor, is one of my faves so far. He drove us hard but really took time with people individually -- watching our workout technique and pushing us harder or telling us to take it back a notch if we were going too hard.

I think I'd actually stick with the full-body sessions in the future (especially if I'm not going a ridiculous number of times a week) as it feels a little more balanced and there's no one part of my body that's screaming at me that I'm an idiot today. We worked everything pretty evenly, and while I think I could definitely find place in my routine for focussing on the back or abs, I liked the time-efficiency of having the full body routine that worked most of the areas we'd really beasted earlier in the week.

I'm also starting to feel my abs getting stronger -- today was pretty hard-core on that area, so very excited to see if I can make my four-pack goal in the first part of the year!

Tomorrow I'm up bright and early for another full-body session. Not feeling too sore at the moment. Wish me luck for the morning!


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