Day Five: Nearly there (thank god)!

Today was pretty bad, I'm not going to lie.

That's not to say that the quality of the class was poor or that the intructor wasn't good -- those weren't a problem. It was purely down to fatigue on my part. A week's worth of muscle soreness combined with an early 8.45 class made for really tough going.

Sandy was the trainer again and I still really liked his style, having tried the other instructors. He pushes, but in a gentle way and was there to nudge up my speed on the treadmill or make sure my form was good on the floor when I didn't think I had any more speed in me or I was flagging from exhaustion.

It was a floor start again, which I think was partly responsible for really terrible running (i.e. a lot of slow jogging when we were told to sprint) on my part. Full body was good and I'm definitely already noticing a difference in my arms, abs and chest strength when we're told to use certain muscles. Unfortunately it does mean that my running hasn't been on top form since there were LOADS of squats, lunges and jumping versions of both of those to contend with before the treadmill even started.

I really think the main thing for me is just Barry's overload with Hellweek. I love, love, love the format, enjoy all the exercises and find it challenging but SO rewarding when the trainers help push me harder than I think I could have gone on my own. The big 'but' is that, at the end of the day, especially starting out, 6 days out of 7 is just too much. I think I'd really like to try a Hellweek again when I've been doing Barry's regularly for several months. But then again, maybe it would be just as exhausting as I'd just be constantly pushing myself, just at a higher level of strength and fitness?

Either way, I was so happy when I finished today's class. I made it to the final 30 second sprint and felt the high of having pushed myself and having done another hour at the mercy of Barry's. I even rewarded myself with a Mocha protein shake at the end and MAN that was delicious!!

With only one day left to go, I'm really happy to be seeing the end of the week but also looking forward to doing more Barry's Bootcamp sessions in the future -- just not daily. It'll be interesting to see how my brain responds when I go back to a yoga class where people aren't yelling at you to get you into the poses and moves they want you to do ;o)

All in all, exhausted but the end is in sight!

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