Day Six: What I Learned from Hellweek

Hellweek didn't happen today. At least, not for me.

I woke up and I knew I was done.

Not only was I achy from head to toe, I had a sore throat. My body was telling me 'enough is enough'. And, most importantly, my heart was telling me the same thing. I knew I was okay with the decision not to go. There was not an ounce of regret that I wasn't doing my 6th class of the week. I was proud that I'd done what I had done (Rocky air punch!!). And in the end, it was what I had set out to do: do what I can of Hellweek, see what Barry's is like (not as scary as I thought!) and kick-start my new year of fitness goals and trying new things. Check, check and check.

So instead of telling you about how the session today went, I was thinking about what I learned from Hellweek.

First and foremost, knowing what I know now, would I do Hellweek again? Yes. But not from a standing start. I think challenging myself to Hellweek after I've been upping my fitness/going to Barry's regularly for a few months would be a great challenge. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for other newbies especially those without any base level of fitness.

Second, listen to your body but keep pushing yourself! I didn't always hit the weight targets or treadmill speeds that the trainers were throwing at us. But I *did* survive Hellweek without injury. And I always picked weights and speeds that I felt challenged by. And having the trainers there to push me even further was a big help for me and something that I had forgotten had so much value over working out solo.

Third, try everything. The best thing about Hellweek was that it gave me the perfect excuse to sample a lot of different trainers' styles and the different targeted classes. If you want to give Barry's a go, I'd definitely recommend playing around with different times, trainers and sessions, not just because the different focusses will give you great all-around fitness but because you'll discover the trainer who's best suited to you and which workout style you like best.

So that's it! Hellweek = done. Thanks for the support along the way and hope you've enjoyed following along. What next?? Suggestions welcome but I've got a couple of ideas up my sleeve, too...

Super-huge air punch!

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