Let's bounce

Wednesday night. Clapham Junction. Best place to be? Rebounce!

After my write-up about Clubbercise, Missie of Rebounce London got in touch with me to tell me about the classes she offers and I was super intrigued. A couple of years ago when I was recovering from a knee injury my physio had told me to do trampette exercises as they were low-impact and would help rebuild the leg muscles. I tried them and just found bouncing on the trampoline SO fun that when Missie told me about Rebounce I knew I had to go.

It's an intense 45 minute class where you learn choreography, break it down and then put it into a hardcore loop three times at the end. All while trying not to fall off your mini trampoline! (I'm serious -- balance and coordination are definitely required for this class. My friend Corey nearly fell off her tramp at one point, which made me laugh, which made ME almost fall off my tramp! Karma baby). Missie picks some great chart topping tunes to keep the energy high and make you want to sing along.

This is what it looked like mid-class -- that is some focus there, people -- but everyone was having a blast.

Rebounce fitness London Clapham dance

In fact, my partners in crime/fitness Sandra, Corey and I all agreed that it felt like being a kid again -- like that episode of friends where Phoebe and Rachel go running...

phoeberunning short.gif

That pretty much captures the essence of Rebounce. Childlike fun + great workout. How can you go wrong?

Plus, the next day my quads were so sore I could barely go down the stairs. So it works, too!

Thanks again to Missie for getting in touch. I'll definitely be back.

Have you got any other fun, funny or out-there workouts you've tried that you'd recommend? Drop me a line!

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