I'm not exactly the most religious person but, just like New Years resolutions, Lent can be a good time to refresh what our goals are and why we're doing them -- and to try to fit more healthiness into our lifestyles.

If you're still looking for something to give up for lent and don't like the idea of giving up chocolate or coffee or swearing, what about giving up a few minutes of your day to learn a new yoga pose (or practice one you already know)?

#giveitupforyoga is a brilliant Instagram Challenge thought up by the equally brilliant Kelly Brooks Yoga and @Zarabarayoga. Each day for 40 days they'll be posting a new pose. Post your own with the hashtag #giveitupforyoga and there's talk of fabulous prizes!

#giveitupforyoga, yoga, Instagram Challenge

Thanks to Kelly Brooks Yoga for the photo!

Hey, even if you don't win a prize, this is something that's good for you that you can do anywhere and everywhere that takes only a few minutes a day. And it's not nearly as hard as giving up coffee (and easier on those around you, without all those mood swings and DTs, too!!).


Balasana, Child's pose, yoga, #giveitupforyoga

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