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So I'm currently on the road, holidaying and waiting to become an auntie (eeee! So excited!) and stopped off in Montreal to see friends and be a bit of a tourist.

I wanted to get a fit fix in Montreal and check out what was hot in the city. I mean, fitness + travel, what could be better?

I'd read about Surfset a while ago -- I can't remember where but it was one of those 'fitness trends' that popped up and I immediately wanted to check out. I love surfing and it's an amazing workout. Like it says in the photo -- who wouldn't want a surfer bod?? The idea that you could get even a fraction of the workout that surfing provides, on dry land somewhere, was pretty cool. And it was just my luck that when I was looking up fitness classes in Montreal that there was a Surfset certified trainer, Maria, who has classes at a bunch of different locations.

I got in touch and Maria was really helpful and friendly. She's been trained in the Surfset method since 2012 and opened Surfset Montreal and now has classes in seven different locations all over Montreal.

Since I wasn't in town for that long and I had a pretty full schedule, I only had a small window so ended up in the Saturday afternoon 'Build' class at Report Fitness, Surfset's newest venue. Build was a great intro as it works all your big muscle groups and balance but the movements aren't too fast --something that's definitely helpful as a beginner at Surfset. It takes a little while to master the way the board moves with you!

Surfset Montreal, fitness, surfing, indoor, fun

Photo courtesy of Montreal Gazette/Surfset Montreal

This wasn't a high intensity workout BUT it was really hard! It takes a lot of balance to stay on the board and also get the poses, lift the weights, use the bands or do whatever ab/back/arm etc strength-building you're supposed to be doing. It was also pretty hilarious as it's the first class I've ever taken in French. I do speak a little French but the quick pace of instruction in a class is a little different from conversation, let me tell you! It was pretty entertaining but I got by and, thankfully, the instructor was very patient and helpful when I got confused.

There are a few different types of classes and I wish I'd been around long enough to check out the Burn or Blend, too (higher intensity) but I'm sure I'll be back soon and, if not, I'm keeping my eye out for Surfset classes closer to me (hi Surfset! When are you coming to London???). One of the other girls in the class, Carianne, was a huge fan and really encouraged me to come back and check out those two types. She's been coming for a few months and seemed like a total pro, and her enthusiasm got me even more excited for trying it again.

If you're in Montreal or anywhere with a surfset instructor, whether you like a yoga workout or HIIT, you need to get down to check these out. I loved it, definitely felt it the next day and would do it again any time.

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