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On top of (or maybe helping me to?) get into a routine and get my fit fix, I'm doing a month of ClassPass. It's a new concept to London but seems to have been around for a while in the US and I have to say I think it's absolutely genius.

For less than the price of a gym membership (if you go to a premium London gym), you get an unlimited number of classes per month at dozens, if not hundreds, of different studios across the city. Seriously, how amazing is that? Anyway, more on that later -- this post is actually meant to be about just one of their studios and I'll tell you more about ClassPass when I've tried them out a little more.

I've signed up for several different classes at different studios already this week, kicking off with a little studio called Yoga West.

Yoga West is near where I work (kind of) since I wanted to start to explore the area around my new office.

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Image from Yoga West web site

First impression was great. Although the street it's on is a slightly odd combination of old warehouse-style office conversions and new-build flats, so quite quiet in the evening, it's less than 15 mins from Acton Central and Turnham Green stations and a lovely walk from either one. It's a pure gem tucked into this area and if I lived in West London I would definitely be going here way more often.

Yoga West has a simple studio -- no bells and whistles but it's clean, the staff are welcoming and, most importantly, the class I did was very very good.

Our yogi was Huma on Monday night and she lead a strong Jivamukti class. She was thorough, clear, took us through some great postures and really supported newbies and those of us who needed a few adjustments along the way.

The studio was calm and soothing, but as you may know from my attention span/previous posts, I don't have much patience for yoga that doesn't keep my attention, so believe me when I say there was no time to get bored and I felt nicely challenged and energised at the end.

On a side note, Yoga West is part of Yoga At which does private yoga in your home as well as schools and offices, which I would *love* to check out!

So if you're a Westie, check this place out. It's a little off the beaten path (in the opinion of someone who doesn't know the area so take that with a pinch of salt!) but worth getting off the main roads for the little oasis of Yoga West.

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