Reviewer's dilemma - a bad experience

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​I'm surprised I haven't come across this before now, but tonight I went to a class. A not-great class. And now I don't know what to do.

When I started this blog I thought about what I wanted it to be and, at the time, decided to follow the mantra 'if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything'. I still think I'd rather this be a positive place than somewhere that trashes the hard work of other people. But if it's going to be interesting (I hope) to anyone other than myself, it needs to be useful, too.

After some thought, though, I'm going to avoid any kind of 'name and shame' and just tell you about the class itself. The good, the bad and the okay. Because I do think there was some good, and generally there is some good in anything, especially if you're doing it with the intention of doing something positive for your health.

So! Tonight's class was a powerplate class. I hadn't tried one of these before so I was really curious and excited about it.

Then I got to the studio. WAhh, wahhhh... total let-down. I think this was definitely the 'bad'. A lifeless studio that wasn't inspiring or motivational. No one to welcome people on arrival. Fluorescent lighting. Just generally a bad first impression.

Luckily it did get a bit better from there. A bit. I try not to go just on first impressions/setting, especially because the trainer makes so much difference when you're doing a class, it can totally change a blah location into an amazing workout and the background 'stuff' doesn't matter.

The so-so: Unfortunately the trainer didn't really improve the situation. She was nice enough, but felt a little disinterested (especially when she called out our final stretches from the reception desk, which was across the room).

The good: The Powerplate concept itself and the equipment were great! I really liked how hard my muscles had to work compared to just doing the moves on the ground. It was a new challenge using some pretty standard poses and movements (think planks, push ups, squats, etc) and I want to try another class of Powerplate to see if it can be a bit more fun and upbeat in addition to being a good workout.

It was also a 25 minute class, (from a quick Google search, most Powerplate classes seem to be) so it's a super easy length to fit in around a busy schedule and the time flies by. Major plus.

And, last but not least, the last few minutes were spent using the Powerplates to massage out our hamstrings and quads. Oh. My. God. Best two minutes of my day! This felt AMAZING and made me wonder if you could just go to a Powerplate massage class. Haha!

Anyway, at the end of the day I like the Powerplate idea and would totally check it out at a different gym. So if you've been thinking about it, I would say go.

Have you been to a bad class? Did you tell people about it or feed back directly to the trainer/gym? And would you rather hear an honest review that tells you where to avoid?

Let me know!

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