Going to camp. Frame Camp.

Saturday morning and what better way to start things off than with a workout? You probably already know that 50% of why I exercise is to be healthy & feel great... And the other 50% is to enjoy food as guilt-free as possible! Okay, maybe 80/20. ;o)

Anyway, kicking off the weekend with a kick-ass session not only puts me in an amazing mood but also usually lets me enjoy a few drinks with friends (or in this case boozy brunch) without (as much) guilt. Thanks to my ongoing trial month with ClassPass (thanks guys!) I went to Frame's 'Frame Camp' -- an intense 30 minute HIIT workout using a mix of treadmills and body-weight exercises -- and I wasn't disappointed.

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I'd been to the original Frame years ago (probably 2010/2011) for cardio hula hooping classes which were SO fun, so I couldn't wait to check out Frame's twist on the interval workout. I remembered the facilities of the gym being a little basic but in the years since I last checked them out, they've really upped their game. The Shoreditch location is set in an old railway arch which gives it a cool, loft-style vibe and they've now got really nice showers, some good changing areas with hair accessories and lockers for valuables and generally a much improved experience to go along with their uber-trendy 'hood. On getting in to the studio, Steve warmly welcomed the group and put us straight to work on the treads. It's a small space but well laid out. I don't know what the maximum class size would be but I'd guess 8 or so--so it's a good enough size to have a shared energy buzz but small enough to get personal attention. We did 15 minutes of running and jogging intervals on the treadmill followed by 15 minutes of squats, abs, planks, running/jumping drills and other various body-weight exercises. It was a great workout with an awesome trainer who was really motivational. At the end, 30 mins almost felt a bit short and I think I might have felt 45 mins was a bit more complete, somehow, but there's nothing else I would have changed about it. If you're looking for a comparison, it's like a shorter and less shouty version of Barry's Bootcamp and gets a thumbs up from me. I'll definitely be going back soon!

Image shamelessly lifted from Frame's website (c) Frame

As a blogger/reviewer I occasionally receive free samples of products or classes, in this case a trial month of ClassPass, however I do not give positive reviews for compensation or remuneration and all views expressed in the blog are my honest opinion.

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