With a (1)Rebel yell!

There's been a fair bit of noise around the new 1Rebel gym in the City, and Friday night I finally had the chance to pop down and experience it for myself.

This is a really premium spin (or 'Ride' as they call it) and HIIT ('Reshape' in 1Rebel lingo) studio, with everything from fluffy towels and cleats to water included in the price of your workout.

They currently have one location about 2 minutes from Liverpool Street station but are set to open a second on Broadgate Circle soon, according to the web site, so it really couldn't be more convenient for City types.

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I opted for a Friday night Ride class with Tiago--amazing tats and great instructor!--who took us through our very intense paces with a huge amount of motivation and a great soundtrack. Like similar spin gyms, there was some use of weights for upper body and core during the workout, in addition to the kick-ass cycle workout, but my favourite part was the 'me time' near the end where we just had a free spin to the music and could totally bliss out and ride out with our eyes closed and focus purely on the beat and our own thoughts.

This was such an awesome all-around workout plus some zen time, I'd love to start every weekend this way!

As far as fitness and challenging classes, plus great facilities, this place leaves nothing to be desired, but the really unique element that sets 1Rebel apart comes from their passion for music--expert-curated playlists, hip-hop and 90s club classics-themed rides, and classes set to live musicians are part of the schedule so I'm looking forward to getting back to check those out.

Work nearby? 1Rebel also caters for lunchtime workout needs. I wish I worked closer to take advantage of the 30-minute lunch classes which include a Roots & Bulbs smoothie.

If you're a fan of Psycle or just love workouts to really brilliant, motivativing and well-chosen playlists, put this studio on your workout to-do list. You won't regret it.

What other spin studios do you rate in London? What's the best workout you've had recently that made you sweat but also left you feeling totally zen? Let me know!

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