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You may have noticed recently that London has been flooded with a new type of fitness membership. Sort of a 'passport', these memberships allow you to use loads of different gyms and studios as much as you want, giving you variety of workout styles, locations and instructors that no single gym could rival.

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I reviewed ClassPass back in March and loved the experience but as I saw more of these types of membership popping up, I was curious. From a customer point of view, the uniqueness of each of them wasn't totally obvious at first glance.

So, I reached out to the two ClassPass competitors, Somuchmore and StriveClub, to see what was what.

All of them were very kind and gave me a free month each to experience the differences for myself, which is brilliant.

I've done a couple of classes through Somuchmore now and I'm really enjoying the variety. Launched in Germany, it feels like Somuchmore is a little earlier in it's development than its American counterpart ClassPass but, on the plus side, there are options for wellness talks, meditation and holistic experiences that ClassPass didn't have. The Music + Mantra class from Evolve Wellness is one that I particularly want to check out!

The value and variety make the £89/month worth the price (currently on offer for £69 introductory offer if you get in quick!) and it's got the same widespread locations that make it handy, too.

One down side that I ran into, since they're just launching, is that the app hasn't launched yet and the mobile site is a little clunky but it still did the job. Also, class categories in the search could be a little more refined/accurate for turning up what you want to do.

All that said, if you're looking for a passport, this is up there with ClassPass, with the added holistic & meditation options that some people will really love.

Along with the trial, I was also given the opportunity to ask a few questions of the founder, Johannes Klose. So, lean in for a fit & happy first interview and find out more about Somuchmore and what's hot in fitness for 2015!

How and why did you get involved in the health & fitness industry?

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I was a professional hockey player for many years. After that, I got deeply into yoga, meditation and holistic living. Today, this affects every part of my life.

Where did the idea for Somuchmore come from?

Somuchmore was created to enlighten people’s lives and open their eyes to the infinite opportunities in this world that can help improve their general wellbeing. You will often hear me say "Be careful how you talk to yourself - because you are listening.” I personally love this quote. Have you ever thought to yourself "I'm not good enough...I'm not worthy of…”? I mean, how can you take care of your body if you have not learned how to love it? At Somuchmore, we channel supreme positivity in everything we do. From the way we work as team, to the way we work with all of our partners and members. Our purpose is to help you find yours.

What's your favourite mix of classes in the Somuchmore network to keep yourself in balance?

I love the combination of yoga, meditation and high intensity workouts with both cardio and strength elements in the park. I work out every day. My personal workout routine is a mix of Yoga, CrossFit and cardio exercises. When I am in London I train with Coupe from Spartanfam and work on my calisthenics and bodyweight training. I also meditate every day and stick to eating mainly organic fruits and vegetables with strictly no sugar or gluten.

What's the hot new fitness or wellness trend we should be keeping an eye out for?

Everything that has to do with natural movement and using your own body weight. How do animals move for example? How can we apply their incredible fitness and body control to our workout sessions and the way we move and migrate?, interview

What's next for Somuchmore?

Making our product as smart and human as possible: What is the customer really looking for? What courses, coaches, locations? What categories? We think like a member because we are all active customers and live, eat, breathe the brand and the holistic life. We’re the warriors of wellbeing.

What are you doing that’s special to London?

We’re celebrating our new London community with the free @SomuchmoreUK #LunchBoost sessions that will be taking place between the 18th and 22nd May for a weeks’ worth of fun, fitness, community spirit and healthy treats. We will be handing out Somuchmore t-shirts to the first few who train with us and offering free healthy snacks and drinks every day. Our objective? To empower people to regain their lunch break back, meet new people, bond, connect and #BeSomuchmore. What you will get from our 30 minute #LunchBoost will inevitably end up being more than you have gained physically and mentally from your working week.

In Germany, you have a three card system that allows customers to choose the number of classes/level of membership that’s right for them. Are there plans to bring the Lite/White/Black card system to London so we can enjoy unlimited classes at all studios, too?

Definitely! We’re working on the black card launch at the moment.

Disclaimer: Occasionally I am offered free product in exchange for a review, as was the case with Somuchmore. The opinions expressed in these review are my unbiased opinion on these and are not affected by or paid for by the companies mentioned.

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