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Morning and happy Monday all! Today I'm very happy to share with you a guest post from my fellow blogger Rosh of Gymkhana Club. We met at the Boom Boom Athletica line launch, so clearly share a love of fitness and fashion, and she's just generally brilliant! You can find her over on her blog or tweeting as RoshETC.

OK, hands up who has heard of House of Voga. Keep your hands up if you have ever done some Voga. To my intense annoyance until a few weeks’ ago not only did I not know about Voga but I hadn’t done it either. This all changed then I went to Be:Fit, a fitness festival for women where out of many classes on offer Voga was one of them.

House of Voga, London, yoga, dance, fitness

(image from Be:Fit London)

A cross between yoga and Vogueing, the latter being a highly stylised dance form which originated in 80s New York on the drag ballroom scene, this was my kind of yoga. I have never been comfortable with traditional yoga classes, mainly because I have no idea what’s going on. I know all it takes is practice but when the instructor is saying words in Sanskrit in an accent that makes me weep a little inside, not going back is the easier option. But Juliet Murrell, creator of Voga and founder of House of Voga, has fused yoga with 80s power ballads creating something a lot more fun and just as effective.

House of Voga, yoga, London, fitness, dance

At Be:Fit the class was taught by Juliet herself who was wearing a pair of half blue and half pink leggings. It was when I first saw her that I had a good feeling, and thankfully Voga was all I want in yoga and much more. Her class followed a yoga-style flow, with one move leading to next and the next. There were the forward bends, the back bends, the stretching, and the body contortions. But with names like the Sphinx, the Centaur, the Vogue Express, and Queenie, it felt more like a very slow, very controlled rave. It was also a very dramatic rave. We were encouraged to power pose as often as possible, channelling our inner Madonna. Until then I didn’t know I had an inner Madonna but when Prince is playing, it’s so easy to bring her out.

The 90 minute class went by so quickly and I fell so hard and fast in love with Voga that I was genuinely upset when it was over. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much during an exercise class.


Hello, I am Rosh a London based blogger of all things fitness, fashion, books, and food. You can find me at the Gymkhana Club, which aspires to be a relaxing environment for all its members. However there will be the occasional shouting.

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