Love your blender (even more!)

I’ve been into smoothies for a few years now and I love them for breakfast or after an intense workout. I started with Kimberley Snider’s Glowing Green Smoothie and its addition to my daily routine felt amazing.

The only problem I had was falling into the green smoothie rut. Knowing what I liked, I would tend to go for the same fruits & veg most of the time and my smoothie drinking has gone up and down because sometimes I got bored of the flavour.

So, when I was exploring Be:Fit a few weeks ago and came across Love Your Blender, I was intrigued and excited.

Love Your Blender makes single-serving sachets of nutrient-packed smoothie additions. It’s ridiculously simple: choose your flavour of smoothie and the sachet to add, toss it in the blender with the rest of your ingredients and Voila! Even tastier smoothie with more nutrients.

Love Your Blender, smoothie mix, superfoods

I walked away with a sample of each of their five flavours after trying a sample of their Sweet Lacuma mix. I can’t even describe how yummy this was!! I’d never heard of lucuma before (maybe I was living under a heath-food rock) but I’m it’s new biggest fan. It’s got the sweetness that satisfies my sweet tooth but without being over-the-top and the sachet is a powerful and filling combination of nuts, seeds and berries.

Love Your Blender, Smoothie mix, superfoods

Each sachet comes with recipe suggestions depending on whether you want a more intense or mild taste, or you can play around with your own. They were all so different and added a huge variety to my usual smoothie routine, one packet of each just wasn’t enough. My favourite is still probably the Sweet Lacuma but I also loved the Cherry Rose (milky version) and Bright Greens… Oh you just need to try them and pick your own favourite, they’re great!

Luckily for us, fit & happy readers have the chance to win a full set of their flavours. Just head on over to my brand-spanking-new competitions page to enter! The competition closes on the 5th June, so be quick.

What do you love in your blender? Share your favourite recipes in the comments or by email.

Disclaimer: Occasionally I am offered free product in exchange for a review, as was the case with Love Your Blender. The opinions expressed in these reviews are my unbiased opinion and are not affected by or paid for by the companies mentioned.

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