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I’ve been loving the explosion of new fitness options on the London scene recently. When I first heard about ClassPass I jumped at the chance to try it out, and not long after that Somuchmore and StriveClub both launched with similar but slightly different offerings.

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I had a lot of questions in my mind but the biggest one was: what’s the difference? As an average consumer, why or how should I choose one over the other? They had almost identical concepts on the face of it and similar pricing.

So I went to each of the companies and asked them for a bit more info and, luckily for me, each was more than happy to give me the low-down on what their specialty is as well as the chance to sample the goods so I could see how the experience differed.

First up was my ClassPass experience, which I genuinely loved and thought had very little room for improvement. Next was the Somuchmore trial – again, a great offering and with that little bit extra of including wellness options in addition to the fitness selection.

Sadly, before I had the chance to do the full trio, StriveClub sadly went on indefinite hiatus.

So that makes the comparison a bit easier! But, for the record, here’s how ClassPass and Somuchmore look on paper:

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Not a huge difference in the costs from one to the other or the technical bits and pieces. If you ever decide to leave and rejoin, that’s something to consider though, as ClassPass will charge a heftier fee to restart your account. To be honest I don’t really understand that (surely they should just want you back as a regularly paying customer?).

So it’s really down to what your class or wellness preferences are: if you want a truly holistic option, Somuchmore gives you plenty of choices from meditation and gong baths, to motivational sessions. ClassPass, from my experience, was more about the fitness options but it did seem to have more of them at the time and it offered the really nice touch of reminder emails ahead of your classes, which I found helpful (especially if they’re going to charge you for not showing up!).

The only caveat I would add to the above is that if either one offered an upgrade or membership option where you could go to any studio as many times a month as you wanted for a slightly higher fee, or found a way to give access to the full class schedule at the gyms & studios on their list, I would jump at that one.

So what do you think? Would you try either one, or have you? Or are you more of a loyal-to-one-studio personality?

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