Yoga + tunes = Club Yoga!

A couple of weeks ago, friend & former colleague Kelly did what she does every month... she set up a theme and a space in Clapham and hosted one of the most fun, chilled & positive yoga classes I've had the chance to experience.

Kelly Brooks (no... not that one) of Kelly Brooks Yoga came up with the concept of Club Yoga and it's great. Each time she picks a different soundtrack to do yoga to the beat. Sometimes it's clubby, sometimes it's classical. This time it was... power ballads?!

I LOVE a power ballad. Total sucker for things like Ultimate Power night and singing along at the top of my (perhaps a little tipsy) voice to the likes of Bon Jovi and White Snake.

But despite my excitement at the idea of combining yoga and power ballads, I couldn't quite picture how it was going to work.

So here's how it went down:

When I got there, there were already a few people in the venue (which is about 30 seconds from Clapham North tube, very easy to get to). The usual things were there... yoga mats, low lighting. And a few unusual things were there... prosecco shots, club lights and glow-in-the-dark body paint!

After suiting up with the body paint, grabbing myself an inspiration card and saying hi, I grabbed myself a mat.

club yoga face pain, yoga, fitness, london

Does rave paint count as makeup? #nomakeupselfie

club yoga, inspiration, fitness, london


What came next was exactly what was described. 90 minutes of yoga set to the beat of power ballads -- some fast, some slower. Everything from Stairway to Heaven to Meatloaf and I'm pretty sure there was some Michael Jackson.

New to me was partner stretching and poses which was great. I've done partner stretching after HIIT or cardio before, but for yoga it was new. Getting deeper into the stretches and being able to do different poses (stacked downward dog anyone?) felt amazing!

On top of the fun atmosphere of the class and the awesome tunes, Kelly really believes in the sense of community created by her classes, so she keeps the fun going by inviting everyone to join for a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) at a nearby venue. We went to Cafe Cairo, a very random but amazing Bedouin-tent-like (but also Mighty Boosh-like) cafe with delicious juices and cocktails. It was fun to get to know some of the other people in class and a great way to continue to unwind after yoga on a Friday night.

Cafe Cairo, Clapham, London

If you're interested in checking out Club Yoga for yourself, the next one is on the 17th of July and you can find more detail on Kelly's facebook page. At £15 for 90 minutes of yoga, it's a bargain by London standards and you definitely won't find the fun and giggles anywhere else.

Have you tried yoga to a beat? What did you think?

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