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I stumbled across a tweet for an InStyle and 1Rebel event this week and thought for sure I had missed the boat. First, it was already Monday, the week of the event. Second, usually by the time things hit social media they're sold out (Kayla Itsines days in London anyone?) or by the time *I* see them on social media at least--work has been a bit full-on lately!

But I clicked on the link and was super excited to see that there were still tickets and it was at a time I could make! Score!

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After an especially hectic day, I tore myself away from my still-full inbox to get to the event and made it just in time. Having been to 1Rebel before, I knew the drill so grabbed my water, shoes and towel and hit the bike.

Kelly, who I hadn't done a session with before, was great, kept the energy high and pushed us to our limits. It was my first class with a live DJ which was pretty cool, but did pose a challenge for Kelly to know when the changes were coming! She handled it really well though and the Ride was as intense as any I've done there, and the tunes were pumping.

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After the workout I was super excited to hit up the Essie girls for a mani--after all, that was the main selling feature for me: for the cost of a Ride class, you could have a class AND a mani. Brilliant time-saver and no-brainer. The drinks and braid bar were fun ideas but I was after my manicure and hadn't done my nails all week, waiting for this event.

Cue sad trombone slide... No one told me (or, apparently, several of the other ladies) that you had to sign up for the mani sessions on arrival. Oh, and even if you had tried to sign up, there weren't enough spaces for everyone.

Major fail, guys.

Setting aside my disappointment over the lack of manicure, I headed to the Hershesons braid bar where they managed to sneak me in (again, hadn't been told I needed to sign up in advance). This was fun! I haven't had my hair braided in forever and although it was a simple French braid and took no time at all, it was a nice way to get my sweaty post-workout rats-nest out of my face.

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My hair is suprisingly long to me in this photo!

The event as a whole was really, really good. I can't fault the value for money: for the price of a single class you got the class, a vodka cocktail (or smoothie) for post-workout retox, a choice of a vegan or chicken salad from Leon, and a stellar goody bag with samples from Belvedere, Rituals, Ren and l'Occitane, among others. BUT the mani thing was definitely disappointing and sort of marred an otherwise amazing event. Just a little more organisation to get staffed up for the numbers they were expecting, adding a tick box as part of the ticket purchase process to choose between the mani or braid to help them manage numbers, or managing people's expectations with the usual marketing-speak 'first come first served' or 'quantities are limited' when I was booking would have made it a little less sadness-inducing when it happened.

Anyway, I guess you learn with each event and I would definitely do this again if InStyle and 1Rebel offered it or something similar. I really hope they will as the popularity of the packed event spoke for itself!

Have you been to any link up events between lifestyle and fitness brands recently? Are there any you'd recommend?

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