Portable fitness - a hotel room workout

This week has been pretty crazy at work. I've been working on a launch, which has been taking all my time and energy. And, typical for me, feeling the guilt of not blogging enough, working out enough or eating well enough.

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Last night I was travelling but I wanted to get in a work-out, since I haven't managed one since the weekend, but still travel light. Running would have been a good option but my knee's been putting my running out of action for the last few weeks, so I decided on putting together a quick little HIIT workout.

I picked a few of my favourite moves from classes and other workouts (some inspired by the physio I've been doing for my knee), tossed my gym kit in the bag and I was good to go! These are all brilliant because they don't need any special equipment and will still work up a great sweat.

Here's what it looked like (click on the links for demos):

Step-back lunges - These guys are great for butt and legs

Burpees - I have a love/hate relationship with burpees but they're efficient at working lots of muscle groups and really get your heartrate up

Tricep dips - You can use the bed or desk chair for this one. I've noticed my triceps becoming less than toned recently, so I wanted to get them in for their own little workout

Moutain climbers - Like burpees but not quite as evil!

Bicycle crunches - Not the easy level!

Star jumps - Old school favourite :) Star jumps make me feel like a kid. Obviously, these ones depend a little on the size of your hotel/bedroom!

Back flies - I often do these just flat on the ground, and even without weights they're a great exercise you can definitely feel.

Single-leg squats - If you need something a little easier, definitely start with regular squats, but these take it up a notch... or several.

Swimmers - Another good core & back move, I try to do lots for these areas as sitting at a desk all day feels like it's taking its toll on my posture

Single-leg calf raises - Like the squats, if you're after a beginner level, do both legs to start and work your way up to single-leg

Plank - More core goodness. If I'm feeling energetic, I'll mix this up with side planks to work the obliques too.

I did each exercise for 30 seconds, then rested for 30 seconds (okay maybe a minute!) between rounds, and repeated it 4 times.

It felt great to get a bit of activity in to a crazy week. I'd been starting to go a little stir crazy from not moving enough and this was the perfect antidote. Now, roll on the weekend for a proper workout and some recovery time!

What do you do to fit in workouts when you're busy or on the road? What are some favourite moves that you always include in your workouts?


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