Day 1 of the Huel experiment

It's the end of day one, so here's a quick update on my little Huel trial.

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Easy - The prep is very simple if you're doing the basic Huel drink and there's almost no clean-up.

Saves time - I don't have to think about what to prep for meals or what I need to pick up at the store on the way home.

Taste - I was very happily surprised by the really mild vanilla taste. I was worried that would put me off more than anything but it's actually pretty easily drinkable!

Options - You can add flavours (for breakfast I added some raw cacao powder, tomorrow I might add some coffee! Ooh!) or bake it (haven't tried that yet)


Repetitive - Although you can play with the flavour, since I've only done the liquid form it did get a little repetitive over my first three meals.

Sweetness - While I actually like the slighty-bland vanilla milkshake-esque flavour, and it's designed so you can flavour it with other things (see above), I do love savoury food, so having this for three meals was a little hard and I was craving something salty by mid-afternoon.

I didn't feel at all hungry after my shakes so that made me really happy, as I'd been worried that a liquid wouldn't make me feel full enough.

My other worry about grumpiness wasn't a problem -- mostly because I felt full! -- but I did get a bit bored. It made me realise how much time in the day I spend looking forward to meals and planning in my head what I'll make or buy. In theory, not having to do that should free my brain up for productive things like work but in reality it just made me feel a little sad that when I thought about food and meals, I knew already what I was going to have and didn't need to think about it anymore.

So, I think what I'm going to do is change my Huel meals to two a day. Breakfast and lunch, and then a normal dinner.

I'll keep you posted!

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