Pushing it to the Edge

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have an all-day meeting in central London.

Don't worry -- I haven't lost my mind and it wasn't the all-day meeting that made me feel lucky! It was the fact that, because it was a 9.30am start, and very central, I could actually get to a fitness class before work. Woohoo! (I realise that 'woohooing' about a pre-work workout might also qualify me for the 'lost my mind' category in some people's minds!)

My colleague Hollie sent me a link to Edge Cycle, which I'd been meaning to try for ages, and we booked in to the 7.50am class. It was just enough time to do the 50-minute class, shower and still make it to the meeting on time. Winning all around.

The first thing I liked about Edge, before even going there, was the variety of classes they had to offer. I *almost* got motivated enough to haul my butt out of bed for a 7am class by the sound of their Edge Bootcamp, which combines a spin class with a floor-based strength workout. Almost. I'll be back for that one later.

The second thing was that they're super friendly and also very active on social. I tweeted that I was going to check them out and they responded pretty quickly. It made me feel welcome before I even got there, which was a really nice touch and they followed up after the class to ask how I'd liked it.

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So, Hollie and I met there, less than two minutes walk from Chancery Lane station, just before the class started. It was pretty busy, with the earlier group just getting out when we got there, and I had to wait for someone in the class to hand in their shoes before I could get a pair. This was actually pretty gross. Although they were sprayed/disinfected after being used, there is nothing like putting on a pair of sweat-and-disinfectant-soggied cycle shoes to make you think you should finally get around to buying your own damn pair!!

That aside, we hit the bikes and Desmond, our trainer for the class, got us all set up. I haven't been to a spin class that has a speedometer on the bike before so he explained that we should always be trying to go a minimum speed (I think it was 70?) but not checking it all the time. Rather than just going by the amount of resistance, Desmond combined resistance increases and decreases with instructions on how fast we should be going at different points in the class. This really upped the challenge level!

The class itself was great, although I was a little annoyed that it started and finished late. For a pre-work workout in the always-busy City, timeliness seems pretty important, and we ended up having to bolt for our meeting after getting ready.

The staff were as friendly as their social accounts made me believe, shoes and towels are inlcuded and at £59 for unlimited classes per month, I can forgive the basic-ness of some of the other elements of the studio (no shampoo and conditioner--and I forgot to bring mine. Oops!).

Edge Cycle, spin studio, fitness, London

I don't know if the late-running class was a one-off but if that doesn't happen all the time, then I'm very keen to get back to try some of the other classes. Here's hoping I'll get another all-day meeting scheduled centrally soon!

Have you been to Edge Cycle? What do you think of combo classes like spin/strength or spin/yoga?

(All images from the Edge Cycle web site)

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