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Danielle 'Elle' of Keep it Simpelle recently had the great idea to do a blogger link party and as soon as she told us all about it, I knew I wanted to get involved. I had no idea what a link party was until recently but I really like the idea of a theme that we can all interpret and write about, no matter what our blog is about. Bloggers are such a great community anyway (in my, somewhat limited, experience), it seemed like a really nice way to build on that and have a bit of fun while sharing with other bloggers audience who might not normally read our stuff and also get to read other bloggers posts who we might not normally read ourselves.

Even though I really wanted to do it right from the moment Elle mentioned it, I had massive writers block about what my interpretation of "24 hours in" would be!

My first thought was 24 hours that would be my dream day in London but the more I thought about it, with all the talk about blogger honesty and authenticity last weekend, the more I realised that I should probably write an honest post about a day in my life to share with anyone who care to read about it.

It's not thrilling, but here we go!

The first challenge in telling you about 24 hours in my life is that there isn't really a typical 24 hours. Weekdays are a little more routine but weekends are all over the place. So this is going to be a fairly typical 24 hours, cobbled together from a few normal-ish days.


Alarm goes off. There are two--one on each side of the bed because mine is a wake-light (amazing! I would never live without one of these in the winter months especially) and his has DAB so we can listen to 6 Music.


Depending on level of tiredness, early morning meetings and need to use the loo, I actually get out of bed around this time. Quick shower and get dressed and I'm out the door. I aspire to get up early enough to make a daily smoothie or my lunch. It's happened less than a half dozen times since I started my current job.


This is generally my commuting window and depends on the two changes and three tubes I need to take to get to work. Here's part of my morning view.

#LBlinkparty, london bloggers, 24 hours in

Despite the hassles, crowding and the fact that I'm the perfect height to get my sense of smell often assaulted by a nearby armpit, I love the fact that I have what basically is an hour+ of free time on my way to and from work each day. I usually take some time to check my personal, blog and work emails so I know what's coming up for the day; do a bit of social media and read either a magazine or book if I've still got time. If I'm feeling inspired or I've been short of time at home during the week I'll start drafting blog ideas.


#LBlinkparty, london bloggers, 24 hours in

Arrive at work. Get my hit of Scotties coffee. Hit my desk and get to the most urgent emails.


By this time I'll usually make my way to the kitchen to get myself a bowl of muesli and fill my water bottle. I make sure that I keep healthy breakfast options as work so I don't et tempted by Scottie's treats or the nearby Starbucks. I almost never do, which I feel is a small daily win!


Probably time for a meeting or calls with agencies. I might be running in to central London for a meeting, too, or sometimes heading to one of our sites. Mostly I'm in the office, though, so usually it's something like working on a spreadsheet or a presentation, or working on promotional ideas and executions with other teams.

#LBlinkparty, london bloggers, 24 hours in

Where the magic happens ;o) We have a clear desk policy/hotdesks... a little less decorated than I would make it!


By now I'm probably done two meetings (at least) a tonne of email and getting hungry. I try to get away from my desk a little before 1pm to go for a bit of a walk around the business park, just so I'm not sitting all day long. It's easier and I've got more motivation to do it if I haven't had time to make my lunch (which is a rare thing!) so I can either walk the two minutes across the park to the couple of options we've got there or, if I have a bit more time, walk up the High Road to check out some of the options like M&S Food or As Nature Intended. I usually try not to go as far as As Nature Intended as I never seem able to get out of there without spending £20!!

This is probably the part of the day where I struggle with healthiness the most -- first, having time to get away from my desk if I'm busy and second, not being tempted by the delicious but unhealthy food options that are nearby. I really need to work on this!


Back at my desk or done my lunch, if I haven't already scheduled a workout for that night, I'll use the few minutes left of my lunch to book in for a last-minute class, usually in central London.

Then, it's back into the emails, meetings, planning etc. Sometimes I get to have fun and go to a photoshoot. Definitel not the norm but there's not really a 'norm'!

#LBlinkparty, london bloggers, 24 hours in

Goofing around on set


Leaving time. This almost never happens at this time exactly. But, hopefully, especially if I've got a class booked, I'll be wrapping up for the day and heading out to get the Tube around now.


Workout time! I really look forward to this time of day but this is the second biggest healthy-choice struggle for me. I know I'm going to feel so much better when I've worked out, but when I'm tired at the end of a long work day, sometimes I really have to force myself to do this. That's why the pay-as-you-go classes work well for me. Knowing that I'll lose £15-£20 by not showing up is a pretty good incentive to get me there if the health benefits just aren't enough to make my brain want to do it.

Either Barry's, Psycle, 1Rebel or yoga are my workouts of choice at the moment and I love pushing myself and getting to jump, run, stretch and just generally wring out the kinks of sitting at a desk all day and any stress that's built up.

#LBlinkparty, london bloggers, 24 hours in

My perfect me-time

If I'm not working out, I'll usually be grabbing dinner with a friend who I haven't seen in a while, trying out a new London place we haven't been before or using the catch-up as an excuse for an old favourite like Busaba, Bill's or Wagamama.


Hopefully I can make it home from wherever I am in about 30 minutes. Commute times in London are one of my least favourite things. Just getting a workout in and getting home takes up the whole evening, let alone making dinner or having time with Mr. F, or to catch up on emails, chat to my family or friends.

By now, unless I have leftovers from another night, I'll usually have some raw veggies, hummus and maybe couscous or pitta bread. It's not elaborate but I may have mentioned my hummus obsession before and so I never get tired of this meal.

Often it's in front of the TV, lately watching Great British Bake Off. Even my love of hummus sometimes doesn't quite cut it when I'm watching the amazing things they make on that show!!


Generall faffing. Getting ready for tomorrow, figuring out what I need in my bag for work/gym/etc. Showering if I've worked out. Possibly getting some lunch ready, writing my blog, researching for the blog or just generally surfing the web (usually also in front of the TV).

I'm trying to get better about winding down before bed but usually it ends up that I throw myself into bed at full speed at 10pm and then try to wind down once I'm there.


Lights out. It's been a long day and I'm tired, and I don't function well on less than about 7 hours sleep. I probably won't be asleep until at least 11pm, so I do my best to try to get to bed by 10 to give myself time to chill, but I'm a professional faffer/procrastinator when it comes to bedtime, and a night-owl by nature, so only the knowledge that I'll feel terrible when the alarm goes off at 6.25 really makes me get to bed at this time of day.

So that's it! My daily work routine, my healthy living & eating struggles... life, I guess! Thanks to Elle for encouraging us all to share our takes on 24 hours.

Does it sound anything like your daily routine? What are the parts of your day that you love or that you struggle with most?

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