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I'm a sucker for most things that are new, pretty and anything to do with health & beauty. Throw in design features that are built to take on the fitness side of my lifestyle and I'm pretty much sold.

So when I heard about a little brand called Pretty Athletic, I got really excited. They label themselves 'luxury, high performance skin care for pre- and post-workout' and are a small, British start-up that prides themselves on using natural ingredients in all of their products. My first thought was basically 'Ooh! Pretty new gym kit cleansers!' but after reading a bit about them I thought 'you mean I get to treat myself to a luxury product, know that it will be good to my skin AND let me feel good about supporting a small local business that cares about the environment? Just take my money already!'

Lucky for me, though, they didn't take my money and were super kind to offer me samples of a few of their products.

A few days after chatting with them, I got a super-luxe package in the mail with beautiful purple tissue and three exciting samples inside! This package was like getting an amazing gift in the post and I would happily treat anyone I know to it--their wrapping (which appears to be standard on all their deliveries) rivals Anthropologie and if you've ever ordered anything online from them, you know what I mean (If you haven't, it's totally worth it!).

Pretty Athletic, workout beauty products, beauty routine, fitness

In the package was their Exfoliating Shower Gel, the Calming Facial Moisturiser and Nourishing Body Moisturiser. The exfoliating gel was (and is) by far my favourite. The smell is delicious and, while not too strong, packs a reinvigorating punch with a cool feeling, which I've loved both for waking me up in the morning and cooling me down after a tough workout. The two moisturisers were also great and I prefered the thick, creaminess of the body moisturiser, as well as the lovely scent.

What really makes me love this company and these products and want to shout about them to the world, though, is their social conscience.

Pretty Athletic, workout beauty products, beauty routine, fitness

When they first offered me the exfoliating scrub I was a bit worried and wrote to ask them about the microbeads. If you haven't heard, those little plastic beads in a lot of beauty products are a bit of an enivronmental nightmare. I used to work with a couple of organisations on protecting the oceans and raising awareness of environmental issuues and since then I've been really conscious of the microbead issue, so I do my best to steer clear of any products that might have them. I still love a good exfoliator but there are so many natural alternatives (apricot pumice, walnut shell, muslin cloth, etc) that buying products that contribute pollutants to the food chain and a giant floating garbage patch of plastic in the ocean is not on my list of 'things to do'.

I was SO relieved and excited when Pretty Athletic answered my email and told me that their exfoliator beads are jojoba wax beads that are both gentler on skin and the environment. Yay! I was also excited to discover that they help support the 'Beat the Microbead' campaign, which is trying to eliminate these pesky little beads from products. They're a great organisation and if you're interested in finding out if your own favourite brands use microbeads, they have a list of products online (for quite a few different countries, too!) and very handy app that lets you know just by scanning the barcode.

As you've probably guessed, these guys pretty much now have a fan-for-life in me. Delicious-smelling, great-feeling products are brilliant but the feel-good factor of knowing that they care about the world we live in--and actually do something about it!--makes me a happy camper and I want to go out and buy something from their range for everyone I know.

What's your favourite new product discovery lately? Have you heard of the microbead issue before or is it news to you? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Disclaimer: Occasionally I am offered freebies, like these Pretty Athletic products. The opinions expressed in the reviews of these products are my unbiased opinion and are not affected by or paid for by the companies mentioned.

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