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I woke up this morning to find this post in my Facebook feed and I had to share it. My friend Alice lives in Vancouver and had run into this 84-year-old woman, Shyama, at the gym. She is everything I hope to be at that age! Still fit, doing what she loves, and inspiring others to do it too (okay, I might not be quite as bothered if other people aren't fit or into exercise--to each their own!).

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In case the post is hard to read, this is what it says: Today I was humbled by an 84 year old woman at the gym. I was pushing my 90 pounds of weight and then saw this lady push the same weight!!!! Feeling like a sissy, I added another 15 pounds and did it. Then I told her how she inspired me and asked if I could take a picture with her and she said yes. She found out that I was moving and was afraid that I would sit on the couch and do nothing all day. She told me to post her picture and imagine her saying that SHE WILL KICK MY ASS! She then adds that she has a black belt in martial arts and used to box! WOW AMAZING!

I have serious love for this woman's attitude! This made me want to go out and run a 10k followed by getting my black belt! This is the true meaning of #fitspo If that wasn't enough, there's a YouTube video from the gym where she works out that shows some of what she can still do at 84. Nothing short of awesome. And the quote at the end sums it up perfectly: 'if you don't have your health, you don't have anything'.

Check out the guns!

My goal is to still be walking, doing stairs, swimming and able to run around with kids when I'm in my 80s--and this shows that it's totally possible and all about a state of mind. Keeping fit and active now is laying the foundation for the long term, too. None of my grandparents slowed down at all until they were well into their 70s, if not their 80s, so I'm hoping I've got the good genetics to help on that side of things. Keep on kicking ass, Shyama! You are a force of fitness and feistiness. What are your long-term fitness goals and who's your inspiration?


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