Union Station Yoga & Wellicious gear

I finally (finally!! I mean, considering a) this place opened about a million years ago b) I love yoga and c) I know a number of the lovely ladies who teach there and run it... there's really no excuse for how long it's taken) got around to checking out the newest addition to Clapham Junction recently and I had one of those moments where I had to have a word with myself.

Union Station Yoga is a beautiful little space, just up the hill from Clapham Junction station. It's sort-of-but-not-quite on my route home and there was no reason I hadn't gotten around to visiting sooner other than... life. I'd seen lots of pictures online from the lovely ladies I know who work there but they really couldn't capture how warm, welcoming and gorgeous this studio is.

I'd picked an evening flow class with Zara and expected a chilled, candle-lit session to wind down at the end of a loooong day.

Union Station Yoga, London

Well... there were candles and the lighting was very soothing, but that's where my expectations and reality departed ways! This class was SWEATY and the savasana was pretty much the only chilled out part of it. Zara's style was easy to follow, though, and she's got an awesome sense of humour, which helped me smile during some of the tougher poses. At the end, I felt like I'd worked hard and done something good for myself.

Union Station Yoga, London

This class was also my first go at a fairly sweaty yoga class with my gear from Wellicious. The name was new to me until a recent event and I wasn't sure if they were a brand that was for me. On one side, they have eco-friendly credentials, using organic or reycled fabrics in all their clothing and producing in Europe, which is a major plus in my books (see my review of Pretty Athletic for another eco brand) and everything in their range feels beautifully luxurious and quite light on your skin. But... their main style of yoga pant is a loose style and I've loved my lululemons and the fitted feel for so long, I wasn't convinced that I'd be able to practice, or enjoy my practice, in a looser style.

The style I opted for is the 3/4 yoga pant--it was a lot

I've been trying the Adore bra, too, which is also a really soft fabric with low support (fine for me in yoga, as I'm not that busty!) and an adorable little Wellicious logo in diamante on the back (don't worry, it's subtle and just adds a nice, feminine touch). It's a nice, sturdy athletic bra -- there's not too much more I can elaborate but it's soft and moves well and worth a try, especially if you're looking for a lux, local & environmentally conscious brand.

If you want to check them out, now's the time to do it as Wellicious are running a competition to win £250 worth of merch going at the moment, so get on over there!

All in all, it was a great night of yoga, in some comfy but hard-working gear and I walked out into the balmy London night on a massive high and feeling completely relaxed and at peace with the universe.

That lasted about thirty seconds, until my bus home sped past the stop just as I was waiting to cross the road! Haha. Typical!

Have you discovered a new brand or studio that you love recently? Tell me about it in the comments, I'd love to check it out, too!

Disclaimer: Occasionally I'm offered samples, like the Wellicious products mentioned in this post. The opinions expressed in the reviews of these products are my unbiased opinion and are not affected by or paid for by the companies mentioned.

Photos of Union Station Yoga from the Union Station web site.

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