Today's post is brought to you by: laziness

Well, I went for a run today. It's been a few days... okay a LOT of days since my last run.

Although I was really good at sticking to the intentions I set for the week, including fitting in exercise, I just didn't manage to motivate myself to make any of my sessions a run. Which is not great as I've got that 5k looming in about six weeks.

I've been getting plenty of sleep, eating healthier, getting up and moving around during the day... so it was really just time to suck it up and hit the pavement. There wasn't a single excuse left. Oh, except that it was grey and rainy when I woke up.

I got out and hit the road anyway. And it hurt. Oh man, it was not a great feeling run for most of it. BUT there were parts that felt brilliant and I had the post-run/post-exercise feeling of amazingness. Plus brunch. Brunch makes everything better.

Anyway, when I got to the cooldown, I thought it was worth making my future self a reminder about why I should get off my butt and run more. So here's my first ever (albeit very brief) vlog to my future self, reminding me that even if it feels great in the moment, laziness never pays off.

Happy weekend, all! I hope you're smashing your goals and sticking to your commitments. If not, maybe it's worth making a note to your future self ;)

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