Happy 1st birthday fit & happy!

I love any reason to celebrate (life is short! More reasons to be happy and eat cake are always welcome.) and one year of blogging and trying to be more mindful about incorporating fitness, health and happiness in my life is a pretty good reason. Also, all you lovely people who have been reading, commenting and encouraging have been brilliant! Virtual cake for everyone!

First and most fun, the wonderful Wellicious have been kind enough to offer a prize to celebrate my one year blogiversary: a £75 voucher to spend on their gorgeous (and eco-friendly) range. Seriously awesome! To enter, you can either comment below telling me what being fit & happy means to you OR, even easier, pop over to facebook or twitter and comment on the blogiversary post, tagging a friend who you think would like to follow my ramblings, motivation and musings over the next year.

Next up on the blogiversary agenda, I thought it would be fun to look back at the top posts this year and see if what was most popular is also what I thought was among my best for quality, thoughtfulness, etc. So here are the top five posts from the last year, as deemed by readership.

The fit & happy top five blog posts

5. Barry's Hell Week kick-off

This was one of my earliest posts -- I'd only been blogging for just over a month when I decided to dive into the pain of Hell Week.

Looking back, it's a nice reminder about two goals I had for the year, neither of which, sadly, I accomplished! The half-marathon ended up being the same day as a friend's wedding in October, so I opted for the wedding (easy choice!!) and I realised quite soon into 2015 that I actually wasn't interested enough in getting a six pack to keep that on my list of goals -- it sort of goes against the 'fit & happy' philosophy to get a six pack just for the sake of it -- so that one fell by the wayside, too.

4. Scary Hallowe'en health facts

In contrast to the Hell Week post, the Hallowe'en one is one of the most recent. I'm not sure that I can see a difference in writing style but I know that, these days, I do spend more time reading up and researching fact-based articles when I write them. This falls firmly in that category and shows my passion for setting things right that the media over-hypes.

This was another goal-setting post, just by coincidence, and although it's recent so there's been less time to fall of the wagon, I'm staying true to the goals that are on the list.

3. Fabletics review

Given the popularity of the brand and huge push they've done in online advertising this year, I'm not surprised that this one received a lot of interest.

I stand by the review that I gave at the time, and although I've passed the shorts on I get loads of use out of the tank top.

2. The truth about diet & exercise

I'm so happy that this post is my second-most-read one of all time. Although it definitely falls into the 'Lesli gets ranty about media coverage of health & fitness' category again, it does show an area that I'm passionate about and I think it made some important points about mainstream coverage when all they wanted to focus on was diet, completely ignoring exercise.

My favourite bit is still the quote that got buried by the BBC: 'it would be "idiotic" to rule out the importance of physical activity' in overall health and wellness. Heehee!

And the number one post:

Lena Dunham's truths about exercise

I guess I'm not surprised that a post featuring a celebrity name in the title is my most-read of all time but I'm also really, really happy it is.

Reading it again today, it really summarizes in one post everything that fit & happy is about and what the blog means to me. It makes me proud to read it over again and think that it was read by, and maybe taken on board, by a few other people too. And if you know me, you probably know that means I'm getting a little emotional right now! *tear* ;)


My top five and what they have in common have made me think about what I want to do in my next year of blogging (and life) and although the trends aren't that surprising to me, the fact that they're so obvious and weirdly trackable through my little blog is a strong reminder to set goals and follow what I feel passionate about.

I've loved writing my blog over the past year, even when I've struggled to find time or found myself feeling guilty that I hadn't written as much as I 'should' (whatever that means! Self-imposed guilt is crazy, eh?) and after reading back over some of my posts, I'm even more excited to keep doing it and see where my fitness & health adventures take me.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment on what being 'fit & happy' means to you for a chance to win the Wellicious voucher!


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