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Over Christmas I got into a bit of a rut. That's not totally a bad thing in this case--it was partly down to the fact that I was running more so I'd survive the Battersea Park 5k with all its hills and partly that I was really enjoying the Ride classes at 1Rebel. But the whole reason I started this blog in the first place was because I have such a short attention span for routine and need to try new things to stay motivated, so when January rolled around I was more than ready to check out some new classes.

I have a HUGE list of 'classes to try' that I keep on my phone but I had a bit of a trawl around the Internet for the new and interesting options that January had to offer in London and came up with 'Wireless Bootcamp'. At first I was genuinely confused... I mean, aren't all bootcamps wireless? So I read a bit more and my confusion turned into a pretty ridiculous level of excitement. These classes were described as 'silent disco meets boot camp'. If you've never been to a silent disco or watched a silent disco happen, you're missing out on one of the most fun and hilarious experiences that modern technology has made possible. The brilliant people over at Wireless Fitness combined that idea with a traditional bootcamp, a mash-up made in heaven!

The main thing I loved about the idea was the music. Working out to music, for me, always makes the workout seem to go faster. It's a great distraction and gives you a beat to work to. I also really liked the fact that, while there was a whole group of people who you could feed off each other's energy and do partner exercises with, because the trainer's voice came to you over the headset rather than shouting it felt a lot more like and one-to-one session.

wireless bootcamp, fitness, clapham common, fitness

Our fearless leader demonstrating a squat on a beautiful day in Clapham.

The wireless bootcamp I did was through Swift Fitness on Clapham Common and we got super lucky with the weather--particularly for a day in January. It was about 9C and sunny, so only light layers for the wind were really needed and I was stripping even some of those off just after the warm up! The ground was a bit muddy from rain earlier in the week, though, so short of the last music festival I went to, I can't remember the last time I was so wet and muddy and still smiling. I actually didn't even sit down on the Tube on the way home because I didn't want whoever came after me to suffer sitting where my wet bottom had been!

wireless bootcamp, fitness, clapham common, fitness

Wet and muddy.

Even if you're not a massive fan of bootcamps, I'd give this one a try. It has a really different feel because of the music and it's definitely less shouty than others.

wireless bootcamp, fitness, clapham common, fitness

Face matches hat after Wireless Bootcamp!

Wireless Fitness, the company behind the technology, has had quite a bit of press since my workout with them, thanks to an appearance on Dragon's Den, and they've gotten private funding since then, too, so you'll probably be hearing more about them. There are already lots of other kinds of wireless workouts you can try if bootcamps aren't your thing, from Zumba to spin, all through the Wireless Fitness web site. Swift Fitness offers a free first session on their bootcamps or I did mine through my SoMuchMore membership.

Overall, this workout gets the thumbs up from me. Good tunes, high energy and a tough workout in fresh air. What more could you want on a Saturday morning?

What motivates you when you're working out? A hardcore trainer, high-energy music, the energy of other people you're working out with or something else? What kind of wireless workout would you want to check out?

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