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In one week I'm going in for a knee operation and while I've been waiting ages to get it done and know that it needs doing, I'm starting to freak out.

It's probably not surprising but I hate the idea of being in pain (duh), I hate the idea of being inactive and unable to do even normal things for a while, and, more importantly, I have no idea how long the recovery to my normal level of activeness is going to be.

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Before I get into the next bit I need to preface it by saying that I LOVE the NHS. They are an incredible service and I am so glad to live in a country where needing this operation doesn't also mean needing a loan for tens of thousands of dollars.

However, one week out from surgery and I don't know ANYTHING about recovery, my GP's surgery hasn't been informed that it's happening, they said I would only get physio 'if there are issues' (which I think is pretty crazy, given that my knee is being opened up is that not enough of an issue?!), and I have never met my actual surgeon.

I've been told it's two weeks off my feet and 4-6 weeks 'full recovery' but when I've said that I don't lead a sedentary lifestyle and would like to know how soon I can get back to spin and HIIT and yoga, I get no proper answers as to how that might be different to a normal recovery. Will my fitness level mean it's faster or will it be longer to get back to doing the things I love?

I really just wish I had answers to some of these things. It would make me feel a lot better going into it and reduce my anxiety about the process and follow-up. But no one seems to be on top of it.

Because of the stress and lack of answers, in a totally ridiculous move, I've signed up for the Goonies Run on the 7th of June. I highly doubt I'll be running--or even jogging--it but I'd really love to be able to properly walk a few laps. I mean, with a medal like this one, how could I not do this??

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It gives me a goal to work towards and, in the short term, it's taking my mind off the surgery because just LOOK at that thing! Haha!

Aside from that, I'm spending the week doing all the things I love -- I've been to a bootcamp, and 1Rebel Ride, I'm doing a Zuu class later and will be spending the weekend out for long walks in the (fingers crossed) sunshine. Mainly, distracting myself from what's coming.

Have you ever had an injury or op that's taken you out of your fitness routine for an extended amount of time? What did you do and how did you get back into it?


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