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Man, time flies when you’re… not doing much?! I have no idea where the last nine days have gone. I thought I’d be using my recovery and forced down-time enjoying the chance to catch up on my blog, reading and various other life admin bits and pieces but the days seem to go by pretty fast and I haven’t done nearly the amount I wanted to. And I’m not even napping THAT much (for me) ;)

My days are now measured by mealtimes and medicine doses rather than meetings and train schedules, which is a weird change, but has definitely made me more conscious of how and what I eat and how I can eat healthily when I’m not able to be on my feet to prep for long periods. I’ve managed breakfast okay with Chia & Co Chia Porridge (a lifesaver on workdays, too) and I’ve made a couple of smoothies, though that’s a little harder on one foot. Lunch has been a default to sandwiches because I can make them quickly and carry the plate to the lounge, where I spend most of my time, one-handed so I can use the crutch with the other. Dinner has been all over the place. Sometimes my default of raw veggies and hummus, sometimes takeaway, tonight a slow cooker tagine which I managed to do while mostly sitting at the kitchen table for the chopping. But it’s all a bit tricky!

knee surgery, recovery, fitness, drug and food interactions

Improvised food and drink delivery method between kitchen and lounge... powered by CrutchPower(TM) - haha!

Then there’s the medicine. I guess I’m on relatively strong stuff, as it needs a prescription, and luckily I’m not on any other regular medicines so there’s not too much worry about interactions. It’s not all so straightforward though. Did you know that the foods you eat and natural supplements can interact with other prescription and non-prescription medicines? I first discovered this a few years ago when there was a news segment on about how St John’s Wort, which some people use as a more natural way to treat mild depression, can interfere with the effectiveness of some birth control. I was shocked and immediately called a friend of mine who was taking both at the time. It was something she had never been told by the practitioners who prescribed either thing to her.

When it comes to food, I didn’t realise that could have such a big impact on medicine either. I guess I always just thought that prescription medicine was so strong that food wouldn’t mess with it. I got the info below a couple of months ago from a US company and found it really interesting. Some of it isn’t that relevant but I had NO idea that milk and broccoli could be bad when mixed with some prescriptions.

knee surgery, food and drug interactions, recovery, fitness, health

Hopefully I won’t be on the painkillers I’m on for too long but it’s made me even more aware of the health implications of a healthy diet, and that prescription interactions aren’t just something that old people have to worry about – and I guess that’s a good thing!

Did you know about food and drug interactions or did you assume it was just interactions between prescriptions that were an issue?


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