Return to the mat (with Sworkit)

Today I did my first 30-minute yoga session in... ohhh... quite some time. Definitely since pre-surgery, so at least three months (on that note, it's three months to the day since my knee op! Woohoo! Yoga party!).

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I wasn't up for anything massively challenging and other yoga videos I have and used to do regularly are pretty hardcore. I've also been warned by my physio to ramp up relatively slowly so I decided to give Sworkit a try.

Sworkit is an app I downloaded a while ago that has pre-built workouts (strength, cardio), yoga and pilates routines in it that range anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes. You choose the length, the style of workout or area you want to work and it provides a series of specific exercises, introduced with voice and timed with a timer, to take you through your workout.

It's super easy to use and the yoga (30 minutes) I chose was easy to follow, although for yoga it's probably not a 100% ideal format since the transitions don't get their own amount of time. That said, you can choose the length of each movement so if I had wanted more time to transition I could have selected a longer pose length.

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I would definitely use this app again, probably for an at-home HIIT workout rather than yoga, but I liked it and it couldn't have been easier to use.

The only downside (and I assume this was a small, temporary glitch) was that it's meant to link with other fitness trackers and keep a record of workouts within the app but it crashed with two minutes left in my practice and there doesn't seem to be any sign of it anywhere! Aside from that, though, I had never used it before and had it up and running within about 30 seconds, which was brilliant, especially as it's designed for quick workouts when you're short on time, so getting started fast is a bit plus.

My knee held up really well, too. It wasn't quite as flexible in some of the rotated positions and I'm definitely not as bendy as I was the last time I practiced (no surprise there!) but it felt amazing to get back into some deep stretches and strong warrior poses. And, of course, savasanna ;)


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