September: 30-day yoga challenge

With the temperatures cooling off, the days getting shorter (*sob*) and the last long weekend until Christmas behind us, reasons to feel bummed out are many, which is why I decided that September is the perfect month for a yoga challenge.

I've probably mentioned before, but I always feel amazing--not just physically but my state of mind is usually 100% happier--after I practice yoga. And I think this September I'm going to need more of that positive endorphin rush in my life.

So what does this 30-day challenge involve? Well, it's not complicated: get on the mat and do at least 15 minutes of yoga every day. It doesn't matter what style and it doesn't have to be an energetic or vigorous practice. I could do a yin yoga session to chill out or an ashtanga session to kick off a high-intensity weekend. Whatever I think I need or will work with the energy level and time I have on any given day. See? Easy! ;)

Easy to say, anyway. Motivation always has its ups and downs. So I'd love for you to join me! Let's keep each other motivated and accountable when the going gets tough and our favourite TV show comes back after summer hiatus!

If you're up for giving it a go, follow me on Twitter or Facebook for daily updates and chat to keep us all going, and have a look at some of my favourite at-home yoga resources, below. You don't need to spend a fortune on getting to yoga studios to make the 30-day challenge a reality.


A great online subscription which lets you watch live classes with webcam support from the instructor or watch them back at a time you choose. Free trial available if you haven't used it before.

yoga challenge yogaia

Movement for Modern Life

Focussed on the best of British yogis, I only discovered this service recently but have really enjoyed the variety of classes with clear descriptions of what they are, sorted by length and mood.

yoga challenge movement for modern life

Amazon Prime

As I recently discovered, if you're an Amazon Video or Prime subscriber, you have a huge, free yoga resource at your fingertips! The top result you can see below (Yoga for All) is one of my favourites and has four different videos within it, ranging from beginner to a strong vinyasa practice.

yoga challenge amazon video prime


YouTube, home of funny cat videos and James Corden's carpool karaoke, may not be the obvious choice but, as you can see from the quick search below, there are plenty of yoga videos that have been uploaded from recognised and reputable names. I would recommend sticking with the videos from either recognised yoga companies or instructors, just for safety.

yoga challenge youtube

Do you have any favourite yoga studios, instructors or videos? Have you done a challenge like this before and, if so, what helped get you following through each day? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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