10 days of yoga (so far...)

It's day 10 of my 30-day yoga challenge and I'm feeling great. A bit sore, but with doing more yoga than I've probably ever done in ten days, that's not a surprise.

I don't have any earth-shattering discoveries about myself or my practice yet... I don't know if those will happen before the end of the month, but I'm really enjoying the habit of getting on the mat for at least 15 minutes a day. Having that time either first thing to get myself up and going or last thing to wind down at night, or somewhere in the middle for a sweaty yoga workout, it's been nice knowing that I'll have that bit of 'me' time. It's really forcing me to carve out that time every day which, if I wasn't doing the challenge, I might find excuses not to do. And I do think I'm feeling stronger and sleeping better -- two great side effects which I wasn't expecting to notice so soon (or at all!).

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There have been two favourite parts of the challenge so far. Having a few people join me on the challenge (thanks Natalie, Helen, Fran, Hels, Cinda, Andreea!) is the top one. It's been keeping me accountable as well as opening my eyes to a huge range of different kinds of yoga and yoga resources that are out there. So thank you thank you thank you!

Second favourite was doing a yoga practice with Kate Lister (thanks to Frame) at St Pancras station. This is an amazing building in London, a huge, gothic masterpiece of a hotel/station at the north end of central London, which I absolutely adore. High vaulted ceilings and a recent refurbishment have restored its beauty and being able to practice yoga under that massive expanse of glass, with so much air and space above us, was a really special experience.

Kate led a great all-levels vinyasa class which was challenging enough but, as it was my first full-hour class since knee surgery, I still felt it was doable. It was a hot, muggy night which added a bit to the challenge but I left feeling energised. Kate's style is very open and welcoming and the only minor down side of practicing in such a vast space was that sometimes it was a bit hard to hear her - although she demonstrated all the moves and sequences so it was never an issue.

The sessions at St Pancras are running every Tuesday evening in September (tickets here, although I believe that they're currently sold out due to popularity), but luckily the new Frame studio is right by the station so you can find plenty more sessions there any time during the week.

The first ten days of my yoga challenge have been great -- more than I expected in a lot of ways, and 90% of that is down to having others do it with me and keep me motivated. I'm looking forward to discovering more new yoga over the next 20 days, trying to fit in more classes (not just doing so many videos at home), seeing my strength and stamina continue to increase and seeing what my fellow challengees get up to.

What's your favourite thing about yoga or favourite class? Have you ever practiced anywhere you thought was absolutely spectacular or have you tried any online yoga? Let me know in the comments!


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