The fit & happy 100th -- a visit to Frame Yoga

It's is my 100th blog post! I actually can't believe I've hit 100. I mean, it's taken me almost two years, but that works out to almost a post a week on average... that's pretty cool and a lot of blogging! Thanks to those who read and comment and share your encouragement for me to keep sharing my fitness practice -- the trials, tribulations and successes.

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The last month has been a big month of change for me, with a new full-time job after a summer of freelance, trips to Berlin and Oslo and, admittedly, not a whole lot of healthy living and balance on that side of things (I'm making it a goal to re-find that balance in the coming weeks). What I did manage to do was two sessions of C25K training (oops, more needed!) and a visit to the new Frame Yoga studio.

The new Frame Yoga is right behind their also-new Kings Cross location but is a totally separate studio which is an absolutely genius idea. It gives the yoga a simple but separate space that means you can get your Om on without having to listen to the grunts of a HIIT class in the next room.

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The first thing that strikes you about Frame Yoga is that it's tucked away from the noise and grind of the Kings Cross area, in a little landscaped courtyard-type area between two new buildings. There's a lovely little garden so before you even step onto the mat, you're already soothed by a bit of nature and a little bit of quiet, with the clock tower of St Pancras like a hazy distant memory on the horizon.

Frame yoga, London, fitness

Once inside, the palm wallpaper, white walls and plain wood give the place a simple, clean vibe that's modern but relaxed and doesn't distract from your practice (and the palm leaf print provides all sorts of choices for finding your drishti!).

Frame yoga, London, fitness

Like other Frame studios, it's a clean, convenient, no-frills boutique environment which feels a step up and away from a chain gym but without the cost (or benefit) of fluffy towels, luxury soaps and the like. But that's not what people who love Frame go there for.

What they have here is great instructors (mine was a sub on the day but a lovely one who had us wagging our 'tails' in the air and doing a playful yoga practice in imitation of her beloved puppy), a chilled space and a price that's not extortionate (£14 for a single class, less if you buy a block) in a London gym scene that can see some studios charging £28 a pop for classes.

If you enjoy yoga or have been looking to try it, this is a great environment for it -- simple, welcoming and central but with a feeling of being out of the buzz of central London that's literally just around the corner.

Have you tried Frame Yoga yet? What did you think?

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